We Believe in Quality

webequ is a Danish company that produces and sells functional kitchen utensils in user-friendly and stylish design. The products are for everyone who is looking for smart solutions to ease the daily tasks in the kitchen. The universal design and ergonomic shapes make the products particularly suitable for everyone with soreness, pain and / or reduced strength in the shoulders, arms and hands.

The heart of the business is our unique knives, which through the ergonomic and angled grip, provide stability, control and balance. At the same time, gravity and cutting direction contribute to optimizing the arm and hand strength, making it easier to cut, chop and slice. The knives are designed by the renowned Red Dot Award winner, Nicholai Wiig-Hansen, who has also designed several iconic products for Normann Copenhagen, Lightyears and Ikea.


Our product range includes a series of other kitchen utensils, and we will continue to develop well-designed and functional products that facilitate the work in the kitchen. We are also working on products for the bathroom, the garden or other areas where we can help make everyday life easier.

webequ stands for we believe in quality. Quality is for us not only about design and materials but also about the quality of life your experience through the convenience of using our products.

The webequ team consists of experienced business developers, designers, graphic artists, doctors and ordinary users. Our team is driven by the will to succeed. We succeed when we manage to bring high-quality, nicely looking and well functioning products to the users, thereby adding value, quality and perceived benefits through the use of our products.