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3 knives + knife block
3 knives + knife block
3 knives + knife block

3 knives + knife block

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The human body is amazing. Evolution has developed and refined the human body over thousands of years to optimize strength and functionality. Still, there is room for improvement. webequ has taken up the challenge. We have developed a unique knife series with angled grips consisting of 3 knives that combines quality, design and functionality in a completely new cutting experience. The specially developed grips provide optimum stability and control by using less force when cutting, chopping and slicing. The knife series is completed by a beautifully designed knife block in acacia wood with room for all three knives. 

The knives are designed by the renowned, Danish Red Dot Award winner, Nicholai Wiig-Hansen, who has designed several iconic product for, among others, Normann Copenhagen, Lightyears and Ikea.

The trowel, used by bricklayers for centuries, is the fundamental inspiration for the webequ knives. Evolution, and indeed experience from extensive and frequent arm movements, day after day, that has created buildings all around the world, lends support to similar tasks carried out in the kitchen. The trowel has indeed inspired the design of the webequ knives.

The principle, and perhaps even beauty, of the webequ knives, is that the force from the arm extends into the knife. The special designed grip leans over the blade and captures the force from the natural cutting movement, and thereby eases the process of cutting and slicing as perfect control, stability and balance is obtained.

User-tests show that the webequ bread knife requires 30 percent less power in slicing bread compared to a regular knife.

Recently webequ launched an intelligently designed cutting-board with high sides that keep the food in place and ensure that raw materials and crumbs do not fall over the edges. At the same time, the high sides provide control and stability when sliced ​​vegetables are poured onto the pan or in a bowl. The cutting surface has a slight slope towards the back edge, making the cutting board optimal for cutting out juicy foods such as meat and tomatoes. The juice is collected at the back of the cutting board and can easily be poured out after use. At the bottom of the cutting board you will find 4 anti-slip feet that makes the cutting board stay in place. 

In addition to the knife series and the cutting-board webequ offers a number of other kitchen utensils with the common denominator to ease everyday life in the kitchen.

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